SASB Elementary School

Our Framework

Success Academy is dedicated to providing a virtual education that is based on best practices, innovation and creativity.

Students will be provided each day:

2-Mandatory scheduled hours of direct instruction provided by highly- qualified SASB teachers.
>> 1 hour in an integrated Math/Science virtual classroom
>> 1 hour in an integrated English/Social Studies virtual classroom

1-Optional hour of virtual community building activities

1-Hour of instruction in 1 of 6 rotational specials classrooms. (rotated every 28 school days)
>> Specials include: Art, 2 different PE courses, Music, Coding, and Computers
>> **Specials are taught from 1:30-2:30 for all SASB students

Lunch time office hour opportunities for students and parents to call into teachers for individualized support. Teachers will be available either via email, phone, or zoom.

Special Education

Special education services will continue to be provided to students in the virtual setting. Services will be determined through a case conference committee in order to best meet the student’s needs during this time.

Direct Instruction

Direct instruction will be scheduled from 9-10 and 10-11. Teachers will assist with determining students’ direct instruction schedule. Students will need to participate in both an English/Social Studies and a Math/Science class time each day during these scheduled instructional times. Instructional times will provide a daily introduction of the lesson material, community building activities, and virtual learning activities. Some examples of these activities include: small group instruction, direct teaching, inquiry activities, etc.


It is mandatory that students fulfill the attendance requirements daily. Virtual attendance will be taken based on student participation (answering daily questions, submitting school work, attending virtual class sessions, etc.) Virtual students will continue to be held to the same attendance expectations as traditional students per the student handbook.

Example Student Schedule

9-10 English Direct Instruction
10-11 Math Direct Instruction
11-1 Lunch/Independent skills practice and/or opportunity to communicate with teachers 1-1:30 Independent practice and/or Community building activities
1:30-2:30 Specials Class
2:30-4 Independent practice