CASB Middle School

Virtual middle school students will have a schedule of courses the same as their in-person peers. Teachers will be creating their content and then sharing it out to virtual students during a live class session each day.

*Students will be expected to be online during the normal school day to follow their schedule and participate in class activities.

How We Work

Career Academy Middle School understands the importance for all of our students to receive high quality, rigorous instruction, regardless of their location. That is why instruction will be led by Career Academy teachers who know our students, who are highly qualified, and who are familiar with our resources and standards.

Students will login to their classes at 8:15 AM, and school will operate like a normal school day. Online students will have a class schedule and will report to their specific online class for virtual instruction. Virtual instruction could be zoom, Microsoft teams, google hangouts, etc. School issued computers will be able to operate any of the given programs. The expectation is that students are virtually “in-class” for their designated class time to receive the instruction needed and work on assignments/course work. Assignments will be collected online through various methods, including Canvas. School day will end at approximately 4 pm.

Program Highlights: 

  • Career Academy online curriculum is based on the Indiana Academic Standards.
  • Students will be exposed to rigorous, differentiated instruction to meet their needs.
  • Teachers will schedule virtual office hours for students to meet “live” in order to answer questions and offer support.