CASB High School

Virtual high school students will have a schedule of courses similar to that of a traditional student. As an online student, teachers will be providing live stream and other class videos for student instruction. Students will also have virtual access to their teachers for additional help.

* Students will be expected to be online during the normal school day to follow their schedule.

How We Work

Career Academy understands the importance for all of our students to receive high quality, rigorous instruction, regardless of their location. That is why instruction will be led by Career Academy teachers who know our students, who are highly qualified, and who are familiar with our resources and standards.

Students enrolled as Virtual Trailblazers will be provided with a schedule which includes courses for Monday through Friday. Students will follow that schedule, logging in at the designated time, to receive instruction from our teachers. Often, they will be learning right along with those students learning in-person. Live and recorded sessions will be provided weekly along with other learning formats including discussions, small group conferencing, coaching, etc. The remainder of course activities will be delivered through our online learning management system called Canvas.

Program Highlights:

  • Career Academy online curriculum is based on the Indiana Academic Standards.
  • Students will be exposed to rigorous, differentiated instruction to meet their needs.
  • Teachers will schedule virtual office hours for students to meet “live” in order to answer questions and offer support.